How are we moving forward and back at the same time?

If you haven’t seen Louis CK’s Saturday Night Live monologue from last Saturday, you can check it out here.

I guess quite a few people are up in arms about his comments on racism, pedophilia, and the middle east.

Once something is joked about publicly, it means something is being done about the issue and no longer is the apocalypse nigh . No one made a AIDS joke before 1995 because it was so fucking scary. If anything we should be thrilled that hes making those kinds of jokes on such a popular show seen by millions. It means they aren’t so prevalent / terrifying. I have always turned to comedy when feeling sad or scared. It makes me able to actually discover my feelings on a subject instead of just wallowing in sorrow or being so pissed I want to punch a baby.

Louis CK

My family found out a few months back that my grandfather has a brain tumor. My grandfather has been my main man since I was born and the thought of him not being a phone call or drive away is unfathomable. After I bawled and asked all my questions, he and I immediately started making jokes. “Well if they have to operate, they have to peel back my forehead and reattach it, so ill get a forehead lift for free!” or “They say short term memory loss could happen after its removed, I can barely figure out why I get up off the couch now, so not much should change!”

Key and Peele did a skit about an insult comic who goes around the room making fun of everyone BUT a man who is in a wheelchair and severely burned. The disabled man demands to be roasted as well. The comic reluctantly obliges only to have the disabled man burst out in tears and the audience turns against the comic. Besides being hilarious it demonstrates that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. In comedy everything should be on the table or nothing should as a source of material.


As you’re annoying step father would say, long story short, calm down people! We should be celebrating that these types of jokes are being spewed out on a major network, on live television. It means children are less likely to be diddled in cousin Oliver’s game closet, you won’t be turned down for a job just because your last name ends in the letters ez, and you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a Jihad put on you.


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