13 Things All Fat Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

I’ve been told some of the things below from family members, friends, and a random chick standing in line behind me at the grocery store. I have also had some fellow chubbettes confess to me the idiotic things people have said to them. Here are a few gems that stand out: 1. “How can you date/marry/sleep with someone […]

Allergies Suck!

Why is it that for some of us our bodies just hate this planet? I’m beginning to think Scientology was right, that the Evil lord Zenu sent us here cause I clearly don’t belong seeing as how every spring my body just says fuck it and stages a protest in the form of uncontrollable sneezing, […]

Butterfly Puppy — A Pampered Life

So as you have probably surmised by now I am pretty obsessed with my dog which also makes it obvious I don’t have kids. Not that I have anything against those smelly little beings, I just don’t feel like enough of a grown up yet to take the leap and become a PARENT. Whenever I’m […] […]

AGT… Are you watching? — A Pampered Life

I feel like I’m the only one I know who is excited every summer for the NBC show Americas Got Talent. I’m not really into any of the other competition shows. The Biggest Loser just depresses me since I usually eat whilst watching TV and watching someone almost pass out from running 12 miles on […] […]

Unboxing — A Pampered Life

I made my very first youtube video the other day where my puppy and I did an unboxing of my starter kit from Perfectly Posh. Can you tell we were nervous? See it here https://youtu.be/Jm6Z27pQDKY via Unboxing — A Pampered Life

Welcome Welcome Welcome! — A Pampered Life

My love of Perfectly Posh could not be contained so I decided to start an all new blog. Perfectly Posh is a line of pampering products (Think Bath & Body Works or LUSH but sooo much better!) I discovered Posh a while back and was instantly hooked so I figured while I’m stocking up on […] […]